A wee bit about me

My story so far....

I grew up in Nairn, A lovely town in the North East of Scotland that boasts a stunning beach and sea views over to the Black Isle.  I loved art in school and was lucky to have inspirational art teachers in High School.  I spent a year at Inverness college getting an art portfolio ready for applying to art school. 

Art school never did happen and, instead I started work full time in a porcelain factory.  It turned out I was allergic to porcelain dust so ended up working in the office for a few years before moving onto a resin figurine factory. 

I married young and have two fabulous boy's.  I have lived in Nairn,Shetland and Cannich with my family over the last 25 years and have recently settled in Drumnadrochit.  All these places are beautiful and give me plenty of inspiration.


Art was always important to me but for a long, long time kids and life in general took over.  About 8 years ago when the kids were getting a bit older and more independent I managed to get my sketch books out again.  I haven't looked back since and enjoyed art as a hobby to start with, gradually building up to it being my part time income and just over a year ago I was lucky enough to be able to give up my day job to concentrate full time on my career as an artist.

I supply printed versions of my work on a range of home and gift ware to shops all over the country, I make original work, both for stock and as commissions, I teach the art of needle felting through workshops and attend lots of markets and craft fairs throughout the year. Being self employed also means I am an accountant, cleaner, order packer, sales person, website designer, stock controller etc etc etc.  So a busy life, but a great life.

Being creative is something I can't live without.  I feel like a piece of me is missing if I don't have some project on the go.

If you have managed to read to the end of this rather long 'Wee Bit About Me' then 'thank you'.  Art is my passion.  If you have a passion, follow it, make the most of your life, be happy and help to make others happy too! x