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Art from the Highlands of Scotland by Karen Price


K Price Art

Karen Price creates vibrant, contemporary art using dyed wool and fibres in place of paint. 

She blends the coloured wool before laying it on a base of material where she then binds it together using a single barbed needle.

Her pictures illustrate the beauty of the Scottish landscape, old rusty roofed cottages (croft houses), local wildlife, and the ever-popular and characterful Highland Cows.  She also works to commission of all these subjects as well as pet portraits.

Karen has sold work worldwide, has exhibited locally and has her own studio shop in Drumnadrochit where you can view her pictures, originals and reproductions, plus her range of printed home and giftware.

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The studio is open most days, all year round. Visitors are very welcome to come and browse the range of original needle felted paintings, acrylic paintings, printed giftware, knitwear and wood work.

I usually work in the studio so there is a good chance you can have a look at a work in progress when you visit and get an insight into the technique of needle felting.

If you are coming especially, and from a distance, then its always best to phone first on 07840 146230 just to check I am here.

I am also happy to open for a private visit.

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K Price Art