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Well, hopefully that's been a productive day!

September 10, 2016

Well hopefully today's efforts will be rewarded!

For months, maybe even years I have been putting off doing something about my extremely poor website.  Well today I sat down, initially to complete my self assessment tax return , online.  I know, I know, what an interesting life I lead!  

However the HMRC website was having a bit of  problem so after speaking to a very nice man on the phone and agreeing I would try again another time, I thought I would put my efforts into getting the website at least started.

I looked at youtube videos of different websites and initially thought I would go with wordpress, alas, this was too mind boggling for me so I reverted back to WIX.  This is where I set up my original website, which I have to say sadly has brought me very little feedback or response of any kind and has really been a bit of an embarrassment.  However today I discovered they have an option called ADI.  

ADI guided me through, step by step and I now have a website that I think I feel a wee bit proud of.  I cannot for the life of me work out how to get rid off the delicious looking flan however!  ( I think at 10.oopm tonight I just might have managed!)  I am away to enjoy my well deserved glass of wine but would really appreciate your views on the website. xx

I would love you to take a look a enjoy what I feel is a well deserved glass of wine!


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