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What shall I take to art class?

September 21, 2016


I'm sitting here at my desk feeling a little nervous.  Tonight I am going to go to an art class!  Now it must be 20 plus years since I attended an art class.  

Life took over in a good way what with love, marriage, kids, travelling and lots of wonderful adventures art sort of got forgot about in my life.  It was only a few years ago with the boys getting older that I was able to get back to my first love, (No not Marti Pellow!) ART!!

I started with a wee bit of sketching and then moved onto painting in acrylics.  A few years ago I was introduced by a friend at work to the highly addictive and relaxing art of needle felting.  needle felting and I seemed to hit it off pretty well straight away and for the last couple of years it has been my main way of satisfying my urge to create and be creative.

I heard about this course (2 hours in an evening in a local village, once a week) and thought, Should I?  I was a bit scared that needle felting was the only thing I could do these days.

Since signing up and not wanting to look a complete fool on the first night I have been experimenting with pastels.  

To start with I wasn't keen but I am beginning to build up a relationshio that I think is going in the right direction with these!

So, I have to stop writing now and pick up my very heavy bag that holds every kind of art material I, or half of Cannich could ever need to use.  Well you never know what might come in handy...!


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