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Should I give up?

September 25, 2016



I got through a lot today as did everyone else in the household.  

My husband was busy working on the studio all day.  It is really coming on and I can't wait until the day I set up my easel in there!  

The youngest worked hard for a big part of the day doing homework. The transition from primary to secondary has brought homework to a whole new level, both in difficulty (no chance of me helping with the maths anymore) and also the quantity.  I don't remember his big brother having so much in 1st year.  Big brother worked a shift at the local cafe.  So busy all round.

I began the day by finishing off my latest needle felting.  An Autumn Hare.  He is listed on Etsy, is ready to be framed and has meanwhile been put away in a safe corner.


I finished the eagle that I had started at art class.  I didn't add too much detail to his body as I want the main focus to be his head.

After that maybe I should have said enough and got on with a bit of housework but no I thought I would give painting a go!


I used to paint in acrylics but was never totally happy with the effect.  Well for some reason today I thought I would have a go.  Actually I do know the reason.  I was going to try painting this week at art class and wanted to have a sneaky wee practice!


I thought I would try a familiar subject so went with a bothy nestled in among the mountains.  It started not too bad and I actually felt a bit chuffed with the sky.  I wasn't sure what to do after that so had a look at some Jolomo paintings.  Well mine looked more like a 5 year old Jolomo, painting.   Before it was dry I scraped over it and have now painted a nice cream colour over the entire thing.  I am now faced once again with a blank canvas.  The question is what to do with it?

One part of me wants to leave it, pack up the paint and put them somewhere well out of reach.  

Another part of me is saying 'Paint a Blue tit, you cant go wrong with that!'  Yet another part is saying, 'Go light the fire and put your feet up!'  

Which one will it be?  Well I think I will go and make a cuppa and have a think about it...................




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