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Don't give up!

October 1, 2016


This week has been a bit of a journey of ups and downs and has proved to me that you should never give up, just adapt!


I have to admit that the acrylics have been put away to the back of the shelf and the canvas I was working on is in the bin!

I felt frustrated for not getting the results I wanted first time.  I was acting like a kid and had a bit of a hissy fit to myself!


I should have taken a photo of the end result as it would give everyone who thinks they are no good at art hope that they, like me will find a medium that works for them and that everything doesn't suit everyone!


Of course I didn't take that photo as I didn't want reminded of failure and I certainly didn't want anyone else to see my failure!   Social media is a place to show yourself at your best.  Who wants photo's of themselves the morning after appearing in front of them.  We all want that carefully positioned selfie that was taken at the beginning of the night to be shown to the world and to be remembered by!


I stayed up late the night of the acrylics failure determined to prove to myself that I hadn't lost all artistic ability in a blink of an eye.  I doodled about with Highland Coo's and eventually an idea started to emerge for a range of images that could be made into greetings cards.

I have 4 images so far and am working to adapt them into Christmas cards.  So all was not lost on that cold dark night!!

Of course these images that I am happy with are the ones that I have taken photo's of, edited and will show you on here!!

Well that's life!





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