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Give it a go without bursting the bank!

October 8, 2016



So last week at art class we did tone and I chose a familiar subject, A black and white photo of a coos eye.  

Happy with how it turned out so,i guess it might get posted here!


This week I bit the bullet and after watching the painting demo, much huffing, puffing and even a little sweat falling from my forehead, I tentatively drew out a coo's head onto some thick brown sugar paper.  


The tutor gave me my paint. Tempera!

(Tempera paint is one step up from the poster paint that the kids at primary school use. It is more a secondary school paint.)


It took me  few minutes to even pluck up the courage to dip my brush into it!  


During the demo we had been shown how to block in.


Looking back, blocking in is exactly what I do when I make a felt picture.  I cover the background in fibres and then block in colours before building up layers of detail.  For some reason I just had  major fear of doing this with paint!

The background went on and then major 'Arghhh!!' struck when it started to dry in that uneven way that I see happen in primary school on a regular basis. Why it dries quite so unevenly and in no particular order I have no idea! 'I can't do this!' I cried. (Not even a joke.  I am that pathetic at times!)


I moved on to the coo and blocked in with colour where I hoped I should!

Once the first layer was complete and no brown sugar paper was showing through I very nearly gave up, until Marj the tutor reassured me I was going in the right direction and  so on I went.

After the second or third layer was down I thought I could see  glimmer of hope.  Marj advised me that after maybe about another 6 hours of layering I would be getting there!

And once again before I knew it 2 hours was up and it was time for the designer Aldi's bag to be packed up!


There is two weeks break from art class just now while the tattie holiday's are on.  Hopefully during this two weeks I will finish my wee coo (not a highland) and be able to show you that no matter what budget you have to purchase your art materials you can give it a go!

 Use what is available, don't feel that this is right and this is wrong.  Be creative, have fun and go for it!


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